Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oh, all right . . .

Politics . . . Gawd, I hate it, yet I can't escape participating in it. As an American citizen, I must participate. If I don't, then how can I complain, right?

It's election day (night), and the Democrats look to be winning the Federal House of Representatives. In fact, I think they just got the majority in the House. Bully. I hope they do a better job than the previous yahoos who were voted out.

You have to admit, the Repubs made a mess of things Why? Their leanings toward the religious right? Maybe. I mean, the legislators brought up a bunch of bills pertaining to individual's rights, the Terry Schiavo thing, the gay thing, and so on, all with the religious being involved. I got tired of the podium being turned into a pulpit.

Iraq? How's that for a mess? So many young kids dead or maimed because of a lack of material and quality equipment and because of bad decisions, lies, oil, big business. Can we win this war against terrorists? Maybe, if terrorists were attacking America. So far, the only terrorists are attacking their own people. The Dems had better have a plan. If not, then we may have to boot them out too. Maybe we could try Perot's party . . . what were they called?

Dems dominate Hawaii's political scene. This bunch is a real disappointment. Aimless and fat and sassy. They are so indecisive on issues that a snail can beat them in a race. The Republicans are as pathetic as their compatriots on the mainland, catering to the store front Christian sects who use tactics that cause most honest Christians to blanch in disbelief!

Let's see how the voting tallies tomorrow. I wonder if it will be a stunning show like when Bainum thought he was winning when, instead, Muffy won. I see comedy on the horizon.