Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Xmas In The Pacific

After Christmas, our friends April and Paul came to visit us in Waikiki. It had been a couple of years (probably more) since we saw them last. I was bummed that I had to work and miss out on really getting with them. Work . . . ah yes, that necessary chore if I'm to live with a modicum of quality in my life.

Well, at least I got to go to the Royal Hawaiian and Moana with them. I don't like missing out!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hag Sameach!

Eve of Christmas . . . pictures forthcoming!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Office Party

Actually, it's a Christmas Party for our department and everyone is presently psyched up to get together at the Hawaii Prince.

The Secret Santa gifts are piling up in the box that we're taking with us to the hotel. Hope no one recognizes my handwriting. The recipient of the gift is not supposed to know who got it for them. With my twisted mind, the kind of gift I give will probably be recognizable and heads will turn my way when they pull Santa's finger . . . I must remember to put on my poker face and play ignorant.

Well, the party was a total riot. The Santa gift was a great ice breaker for the crew. Jocelyn pulled Santa's finger and thought, "My, isn't that sweet, it's shimmying on the table." I had to make her pick him up and place his behind against her ear (the restaurant was noisey).

The finger was pulled again and "Pffffffffffftttt! . . . . HO! HO! HO! That's all you're getting for Christmas!!!" Well, Santa was the guest of honor. Neighboring tables even turned in our direction to see what all the fuss was about.

Gifts are fun, and in my advanced years, gift giving is more of a joy rather than getting gifts . . . yeah, right. I got a bottle of wine (Chianti) from Italy and a packet of macaroni and some basil tomato sauce. mmmmm. People must know I enjoy cooking.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Waikiki And Christmas Time

No, there's not a lot of snow in Waikiki, but we make up the difference with our own version of the holiday. Since late October, the retailers on Kalakaua Blvd started putting up their decorations. The Galleria started first, I think, with their fake trees and multicoloured lights.

I was impressed, but it was really too early.

Thanksgiving came and went and then it really kicked in with the baubles and lights hanging all over the place. The Moana Sheraton really looks good these days. They erected their beautiful trees (real ones!) and flocked them from top to bottom, lacing the branches with crystal balls and white lights. In the lobby, a mini snow scene (looks like Colorado, or something) with a train going from hamlet to hamlet and beyond the display, the Pacific ocean with partially nude swimmers basking in the sun.

Yup, it's good to be here . . . and own a place here too. Gawd, I love our town.

Friday, December 16, 2005

I picked one!

Though late in the holiday season, our department party planners announced the gift giving aspect of the "Employee Appreciation Luncheon." Heck . . . I still and always will call it a Christmas Party.

I picked a secret Santa giftee and I hope she likes a farting Santa. Should be a hoot.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Front Runner

The weekend turned out really nice with our friend, Kamika joining us at our favorite watering hole, the Sand Bar. Ramana was bartending and Kamika showed up to join Dwane, Tom and myself. Valerie showed up to meet him. She always wanted to meet him since we spoke often of him.

He still looks like a kid, though in his early forties. He could easily pass for someone in their thirties. Must be all that running. He didn't stay long. The Honolulu Marathon demands a sound pair of lungs and running legs and staying at the Sand Bar can, I'm sure, be a hazard to your performance.

He's got about eight state marathons to compete in, from what he told us, before calling it quits. Running a family business certainly helps. The boy travels a lot!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Another week over . . . (whew)

Where are all the decorations? I'm in the mood, but no tree! Well, that's okay on the tree thing. No backbone, no tree.

Some of the Xmas trinkets are out, with some cards from friends and family on the cocktail table, but no real decorations to speak of. Dwane and I decided to keep it simple and forgo the tree. Oh well, my back is getting weaker so I don't miss a tree all that much.

The Honolulu Marathon is coming soon. It's a big thing on the island. Our friend, Kamika, will be running again and we hope to see him for a bit. Maybe tomorrow. Depends on his plans while he's in town.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Xmas Decor

Dwane and I are a little late setting up the Xmas decorations. Usually, we get a tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year, we all decided against having the Xmas nemeton. Hope the druids don't get pi$$ed off about that.

Working overtime tends to dampen the Yule feeling with me, but hey, the money should be good. My last paycheck was impressive what with all that OT I made. Should make Tom happy. More money, more presents for Tom!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Work, School, Work, School!

I've been attending a training class on Microsoft's Sequel Reporting program. It's not the official name of the program, but then I'm not exact on most programs. Just so long as it works and does the job.

I love the program, actually. The instructor is from India, a young man, and quite knowledgeable on the product. In spite of his thick accent, I managed to glean a lot out of him. He left me his email so I can keep in touch with him should I have any questions.

At the end of the day, I feel saturated with information from the class. Little time to assimilate very much.

It ends this Friday. After which, I'll celebrate with a little drink at the Sand Bar. Wonder if Freddy is bartending? Maybe I should take him some Thanksgiving leftovers?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

So Much For the Thanksgiving Weekend

This is my first year of ever having to work on a Thanksgiving weekend. Ordinarily, it's four days off to properly digest the gargantuan servings of the past Thursday.

Work. It never ends, even in beautiful Hawai`i Nei.

Now, if I could just find that small container where I stashed that last slice of dark meat . . . there you are. Come to Papa!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Working After the Feast

It sucks. I needed a set of pulleys to maneuver me around the office after yesterday's oink fest. And there's more turkey left. Ugh!

Oh well, as long as there's some leftover cranberry sauce . . . and don't forget the small slice of pumpkin pie . . . that should make the leftover turkey taste just fine.

Ah yes, there's that little bit of mashed potatoes. Can't have leftovers without the mashed potatoes!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving In Waikiki 2005

Oy . . . I enjoyed stuffing the bird, but now it's payback time. All the flavors and aromas have taken their toll on my gut. Another slice of pumpkin pie? Another scoop of dressing? Oy . . . dare I nibble on that remnant of cranberry?

Clouds cleared for today, the previous days' of rain a memory and with that in mind, I was a whirlwind as I prepared the condo for the getogether today. Kasper was a big help, chasing the Hoover as I cleaned the wet vacced the floor, both lanai and inside. I didn't want anyone to have dirty feet from my tile floors. The dirt sux in Waikiki. One day of cleaning and you have to do it all over again a day later.

Potatoes were peeled and cooked, the turkey was packed with Tom's marvelous rice and Italian sausage mixture, draped in bacon and coated with butter. Damn the cholesterol! I wanted my triglycerides! Yeah baby! The bird went in at 11:30am.

By 2:00pm, Dwane and I waited for the family to arrive. Valerie, Doris and Brenne arrived first, bringing two pumpkin pies and a still hot dish of bread stuffing. Valerie had me try a taste. If my stomach had arms, it would have reached out for more! Very good.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Couldn't have happened at a worse time. For people living in a high rise condominium, a blackout sucks rocks.

Coming home from work in Honolulu, I found a bunch of people milling around the neighborhood. I thought nothing of it until a lady who lived in the next building mentioned that the power was out all over the place. She gave me no specifics at the time. I hoped it was only her building and not ours. Boy, was I wrong.

It happened around 10:30 A.M. while I was at work. Some telephone lines (all termite eaten) gave way, crushing a car, or so I'm told, and kaboom, no power.

Save the Thanksgiving goodies! Luckily, Valerie's power came up at noon that day. Her fridge worked and so she helped Dwane and I to salvage some of our groceries.

Sucks to be us.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sundays won't be the same

Sundays won't be the same
Originally uploaded by SkipAlidon.
Now, Keith, buddy, do normal people do this for the best bartender in Hawaii?

No way. But with us, yes way.

Luv yuh Bavaro!

Keith's Last Shift

At the end of the bar
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It was a bummer that first Sunday in November, when we all got together to wish Keith a fond Aloha. The good ones are the first to go, or so goes the saying (oh Gawd, I used a cliche!)

The Sand Bar won't be the same without yuh, buddy!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Jimmy Hiroshige

Jimmy graduated from Radford back in 1962, about the time I was still attending Aliamanu Intermediate. Now he works in HMSA, like me, and I have to admit that when I first saw Jimmy, I wondered why he looked familiar. Let's face it, the island population was not that dense back then.

For us, saying it's a small world is a truism.


Yes, it's that time to start remembering about the good old days . . . dontcha just hate that?

I came across some great shots from the internet regarding my high school days at Radford High School. Most of the photos were before my time, but some were definitely from my time and so good to see.


One individual of note became famous after leaving the island. She doesn't remember me, and rightly so, I was just a teeny part of her experience. I'm glad she did so well and IS doing well.

Bev Bloomberg

Graduated from Radford High School and was in my graduating class. I hear she became an executive producer of Happy Days. Remember that one?

Bev was always active in school activites where I was just a wall flower . . . so sixties of me.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I had to post these. Athena held a Halloween bash at the Sand Bar and I missed it. She looks hot hot hot hot! Hotter than Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke!

The Sand Bar is a fun place with good people and lots of laughs. You can actually sit and have conversations at the Sand Bar and not deal with disco speakers.

Thanks for the photo, Dwane.

Thanks, Athena, for the sexy pose!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


When Grundy leaves the island for long periods of time, the neighborhood watering hole is just not the same. The kids love him. Dwane and I treasure him.

His wit and savy are flames to moths like me. His stories are priceless and his poetry is riveting.

"One One was a race horse and One Two was one too, when One One won one, One Two won one too!"

He's going to leave us briefly again for the mainland. Sure wish he lived here instead, but hey, he's got a life!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Holiday Rambling

It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet and already we are already scrambling to choose which restaurant to hold our “Employee Appreciation Luncheon”. I don’t care what the policy . . . I still like calling it a Christmas party. Merry making is what it’s all about during the Christmas holidays. I have to admit, sometimes I get into the “politically correct” mode, but with Christmas? Come on. Get a grip. Christmas is a real, established holiday. It isn’t like a typical Hallmark holiday now is it? I mean, Grandmother’s Day? Pfffft. Puh-leez!

Shaddup Skip!

Okay, I'll behave . . . getting off track. Anyway, we've come down to just three places to choose from. My original choice didn't come up. I guess most people don't care for Mexican food as a "Christmas" meal . . . hmfph. I settled for Hanaki's, a small restaurant in Manoa that is, I've heard, like Todai's in Waikiki, and the selection is pretty good. I'm game for a new venue. For such a small island, we have a ton of Asian cuisine of which I was raised on.

Today is the last day to choose. Keeping my fingers crossed for Hanaki's.

Monday, October 31, 2005

I wonder what the Hulk would look like in a grass skirt?

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!

When the sun goes down tonight, make sure you have those sweet morsels ready for those hobgoblins and ghouls that make their way to your door. If you're lucky, they won't spray paint your front door, or worse yet, toilet paper your house.

Dwane and I will be lucky this year. We're on the eighth floor so we can just look down on the streets as people stroll by in their ghoulish threads.

Tonight, if Brennen is up to it, we'll stroll down Kalakaua Blvd. to see the revelers. Hopefully, there won't be any rain like most Halloweens we've had in the past. Sad to see a witch soaked to the gills. Runny makeup, yikes!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kasper The Friendly Dog.

He's almost smug in this picture, nonchalant perhaps, but in reality, he's just resting. He's a terrier mix with a little dalmation and who knows what else.

For the most part, Kasper is really mellow, lounging around the condo, napping most of the day. His only true exercise is when Brennen or Valerie take him out for his constitutional. I adore this pooch! He's affectionate and demands only that you pay attention to him. He hates being left alone.

He's not a permanent fixture around the house. One day, he'll leave when Valerie gets an apartment that accepts pets. I'm not looking forward to that day. Nope. Not at all.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

October is nearly over and birthdays are done, at least until November when Brennen's special day comes around. We celebrated Valerie's birthday at Hy's Steakhouse on Kuhio Ave. Dwane had us cut up by showing kissey faces. Man, look at those lips. Where were Valerie's???

Taken at Hy's Steakhouse.

This is my fault. Good grief! Our new scullary maid!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Aloha Week Parade

The Aloha Week Festival is very popular amongs locals on the island of O`ahu, mainly because we like to have parades and watch the flowered floats pass us by.

Since the day I was first sentient, I've enjoyed such occassions. When Grandma and Grandpa Burleson came to visit us back in the 1960's, we brought them there and enjoyed the Pahu riders in their resplendant robes and crowns of colourful flowers.

This year, we only caught the last half of the parade and managed to catch a nice glimpse of beauties . . . the floats were great too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy kids, enjoying a night out on the town.

Brennen pays us a visit every now and then while we are hanging out at the Sand Bar. I love giving him bear hugs. Our friend, Julie, took the photo while B and I were horsing around.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

We had to celebrate Valerie's and Brennen's new place. Tom came over with some bottles of champagne. Dwane had to bring the starry-eyed shades so we could show that we are a generally fun loving group.

Is this where Thanksgiving will be held. We shall see. I'm banking on the holiday being at our place. There, we'll have paper plates to dine on (no need to wash dishes, yuh know?)

There's always Xmas.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Valerie's New Home

We were so excited when we heard that Valerie got her a place in Waikiki! The move was enormous. I mean, look at that widescreen TV! She and Brennen will have fun watching CSI on that one.

That she found a two-bedroom unit, and so close to us, was miraculous. Most units in our area go for well over two grand.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Wedding Cake

I got to see the cake before it was put together at Debbie's house where Debbie meticulously applied the icing in a basket weave pattern.

The patience she must have exercised! You know, Sis, now that it's together like this, doesn't it remind you of those French hats women used to wear back in the 20th century, about 1965? Just kidding!!!!

People raved about the cake. I missed a piece of it because I had to leave the reception.

After they cut each other a piece of cake, they fed it to one another. Ahhhhh, the love.

My nieces. All of them have grown up. Mac (in the center, with her mom, Brienne) is so cute; the spitting image of her mother when she was that age.

Paradise Cove Wedding

I don't know why a black and white photo of Cori and her bridesmaids caught my eye, but it did. The colors were beautiful and fit perfectly into my memory, but seeing it in B&W was equally captivating.

Corilee posed amid the tropical foliage near the gate with Brienne on her right and Jessie on her left. I forget the two girls on the far ends. They couldn't stop laughing and giggling. Corilee was in 7th heaven!

Monday, October 03, 2005


I haven't had a chance to write very much these days with doing so much overtime at work. It's not killing me, but it puts a crimp in my lifestyle . . . what lifestyle?

I worked this Saturday, a rarity for me, and put in only three hours. It cuts into one's day. Oh, I know, I could put in more time, and there are many people who chalk in a lot of OT, but for me, I cherish my times off! I'm spoiled that way.

I've procrastinated so much on projects on my plate. I'm so behind. I promised my cousin to do a family logo for a reunion and I'm only in the sketching stage. She'll be sorely disappointed, I know and I feel bad about that. My artistic skills haven't been used in many years. I hope I can still draw a perfect circle. So far, it's just obliques and ovals. Ych.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Corilee and Kory

I get excited for my nieces and nephews, though they seldom, if ever, know it. But when they
marry, or have children, it touches me . . . no . . . really! Sounds mushy, yeah?

When Corilee married Kory, whom I had the pleasure of meeting only once, I was bound and determined to attend their union. This is Corilee's second bond and Kory's first, I think. I attended Corilee's first marriage ceremony (in my back yard).

This second one, to Kory, I believe is the one! The way they play, the way they look into each other's eyes, the way they just sit on a couch, you can tell they really have something special. I pray they never forget this. Corilee's a lot more mature as is Kory and they thought long and hard on this decision of theirs.

I met Kory's family at the wedding/reception at Paradise Cove. What a loving family! Kory has good familial roots with a long history on the island, and from what I've witnessed of Kory's family, they LIVE life, and not just give it lip service.

Much aloha, you two. You deserve the best!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking Forward To A Weekend

After a long week like this week, it's nice to know I'll be going home to Waikiki where Dwane, Valerie and Mr. Brennen will be there. By next month, we'll have an additional member to our family. Kasper, the friendly dog.

I'll be meeting Brennen after school to walk him home soon and I do look forward to meeting him everyday. We have a lot of chats as we walk across the Ala Wai bridge, then the McCully bridge. We enjoy the trip along the canal. You never know who you might bump into, or what you might find floating in the canal . . . rubbish? A shopping cart? Maybe a discarded washing machine. Where do these people come from who like dumping in such a beautiful canal that has a lot of potential for being a scenic spot?

B will be spending the weekend with us tonight. I wonder what wonders he has in store for us?

Valerie is getting over the "pink eye" she contracted earlier in the week. It's like mascara gone bad. Not the right shade, if you get my drift.

Dwane's doing much better these days since the hip thing. He's getting around a lot now with the use of his walker. Soon, he'll graduate to a cane (with training wheels of course). We can get rid of the wheelchair soon, I would imagine. Still no cartwheels forcasted on the horizon, but that he can actually answer nature's call is a marvel of improvement.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricanes Galore

Not only Louisiana, not Florida and Texas has their share of hurricanes. We've had our share too, though not so disasterous as the Gulf States. Those poor people. My heart broke when I listened and watched the news about New Orleans.

We had four heading our way. Sure opened a lot of people's eyes, in light of Katrina and Rita, when Hawaii faced a possible disaster with J, K, L and M. Why spell out their names?

We did a quick assessment of our supplies and felt secure enough not to panic. Being on the eighth floor helps ease the mind. We've been through enough of these things to know enough to keep supplies handy for any unforseen emergency. Still . . . you never can tell, really. Always a possibility of missing "something".

With the hurricanes diminishing into tropical storms, and going towards the open seas, we can sleep nights.

Monday, September 12, 2005

September 05 Vacation

Without a doubt, this vacation was rather low key. We didn't do the usual activities, like going to museums, or sunbathing on beaches of Waikiki in hopes of achieving the proverbial tanline, or dining out at ritsy restaurants.

Instead, we lunched here and there. Dwane chose some spots, one called Niko's comes to mind. Instead of it being a "sit-down" restaurant, like we had thought, we bellied up to a counter and made our order. Simply put, it was just a take out joint. The burgers were sumptuous!!! The fries were okay. The clientele left one to wonder if there was a nut house nearby though. Yikes! Poor Patrick. He was the most disappointed. Us guys need to really take him out for a good dinner. He deserves it.

The best times were, of course, spent at the Moana Sheraton where we sat at our favorite table edged on the seashore where we could see the sunsets. THAT is living! I had iced teas most of the time (free refills and lots of Splenda) and the company. We got to meet Brian and Julie at the Moana and thoroughly enjoyed their company. They are really good people. I look forward to seeing them, whether at the Sand Bar, or at the Moana.

Brian went surfing with Julie's brother . . . I forget his name . . . and Valerie and Brennen were there too, enjoying the water. Really a family outing. Miss those outings. Never enough of them.

Hopefully, Debbie will come up with some pictures of Corilee's and Kory's wedding pictures. That was some breathtaking wedding. Corilee is so grown up and looks so beautiful. She truly made a stunning bride. Kory was dashing in his tux. You could see the love in their eyes (Gawd, I'm getting weepy) as they gave each other their vows.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dad's Birthday

Wow . . . I just remembered that today would have been Dad’s 79th birthday. He passed away back in 1999, in May, while in Wahiawa General Hospital recovering from a mild heart attack due to his prostate cancer and a mess of other ailments typical of his age group. Little did we know he would be wanting to head for the bathroom on his own and dropping dead.

It took weeks before we could bury him. Family flew in from all over the country to say their farewells. I gave a very brief eulogy while the other speakers spoke like preachers. Later that night, after the funeral, I took some of the flowers I removed from his grave and went to the end of the jetty in Waikiki and laid them in the ocean to say a final aloha. I didn’t shed any tears that night. I just felt Pop was okay. I felt okay that night. Peaceful.

So, today, I remember Pop, and I still feel okay.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Summer Waning

You can sense it in the air. A slight chill cools the sunlight and people seem a little less hyped as they cruise the streets of Waikiki. It's not bad, really, but you can sense the changes, subtle though they may be.

Soon, the rains will come in force, but not before the real heat that usually comes around September. A couple of weeks without the tradewinds will see to that. We're already conditioning ourselves for the coming heat. After that, the cool winds, then the cold. It can get down to 70 degrees! Think of it!

It won't be like Denver, though, huh Brennen?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Starting School

Brennen started at Washington Middle School last week Thursday, making two new friends. He's like that, I guess. Who wouldn't want to have him as a buddy.

Got some sad news on his third day, yesterday. When he went into one of his classes, a course in Japanese, the kids turned in his direction and quipped, "Hey, look, a Haole kid!"

Generally, this doesn't bother me. Being an islander myself, I'd heard it all. For Brennen, however, this was something new and quite foreign to him. It hurt his feelings and I couldn't help but feel for him. I had similar treatment when I moved to the continental USA.

I felt the anger, but I kept it to myself. No kid should have to hear something like that, no matter what their ethnicity. I guess we can thank adults for perpetuating this kind of stupidity.

Being Haole is no big deal, really. It's a fact of life. We are all different. Haole means "foreigner", and for some of the purists, was the name of an ancient, almost forgotten god who happened to be white (mind you, there are disagreements on this particular bit of knowledge), remember Captain Cook? and does not mean Caucasian. I mean, if you have to get literal. The old ones used the term Kanaka Palani for the concurrent term Haole. The young are somewhat limited in their history and knowledge of the language. You have to forgive them for that. I had to take a few mental steps back to forgive these waifs. I was just as guilty when that age.

Hawaii has its prejudices, all a result of its turbulent history. Being overtaken by a small group of plantation owners and business men in power made for some bad blood in those days. Too bad the later generations can't get over that. What's done is done. I wonder if it will ever be resolved. For now, I don't see it.

In the meantime, Brennen will have to toughen up. These ignorant kids will pass away, but if Brennen perseveres, he'll be just fine. Other kids like Brennen have done well. I see no reason Brennen can't do the same.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Day In Paradise

Looks like I'll be frolicking in the Pacific more as time goes on with Brennen becoming more and more a part of our lives.

The waters off the Moana Sheraton is warm, like bath water. Very comfortable and tends to make me groggy after playing in it for a couple of hours. We swam for what seemed like a moment when we saw Dwane signalling for us to return to shore. Hated to come out, but dinner was awaiting and I need my food, fat guy or not.

Swimming till just after sunset is so relaxing, there is nothing that can compare. Though surrounded by other bathers catching a wave to body surf, Brennen and I had the time of our lives. He's opened up to me a lot and we talked about things that I thought he'd never confide to me. Dare I mention his thoughts on line? Nah, too soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Lei Is Forever

. . . if you take care of it.  I opted to find Brennen and Valerie a lei that would last more than just a few days, getting them Hawaii seed leis, complete with Kuikui nuts and seeds of all kinds.  Rather attractive, if I do say so myself.  The price was right, though it set me back a couple of twenties . . . okay, just $6 a lei.  Still, they look pretty good.  Brennen sure liked it.

Thank goodness the ancient custom of lei giving is still around in Hawaii.  Most people think they are used only for greetings, birthdays, or for being a good employee.  For me, giving a lei is a grand gesture.  Flowers are nice, but giving leis that last are most important to me.  Whenever someone sees a lei I’ve given them, they’ll remember me and why I gave it to them.  Making a lei is even more special.

My cousin, Paul Auditor, Jr. (better known as Junior to the Ohana) has a talent of making feather leis like the old Alii used to wear.  They are comparable to the ancient feather leis and are extremely beautiful.  I wonder if he still makes them?  I know they involved a lot of work and concentration.  I still marvel at how easy he seemed to make it, yet I know it wasn’t.

Monday, July 18, 2005

July 17, 2005 B is Here!

Brennen finally made a touchdown last night in Honolulu, his new home. His flight was almost an hour late in taking off, but made good time when he arrived. Poor kid was exhausted. I’ll be seeing him tonight with Valerie. Keith will be dropping by the condo to wish him an aloha.

Ohhhh! I need to buy some leis. Can’t be official without one!

Friday, July 15, 2005

B Is Coming!

It was spontaneous news, when I got home last night. Dwane and I talked about our days and then he laid it on me. B is arriving this coming Sunday. My jaw dropped!

After all the hoohah, his father decided to release him to come over to the island. It's about tahm! Dang.

Hope he doesn't feel we are mad at him for what he did. No excuse for what he did, but I can't blame him. Though I'm 54 going on 55, I remember what 12 years old was like.

T'wasn't purty.

Growing up with limbs going in every which direction.

Finding that people just aren't interested in what a 12 year old has to say, yet feeling like you've got a lot to say.

Wanting your own space and getting people in your face.

Wants and needs, needs and wants and not knowing how you're going to handle it all.

Wondering if both your nuts will come out their sockets so that you'll feel in balance . . .

Mmm, mmm. Sucks being a kid/boy/man.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What a world. Had some great news. Don't have to pay for a notary public at work. Now I can get some much needed papers taken care of, like getting Valerie's Proof of Residency and wills and stuff like that. NPs cost about $15 to $20 a crack. Nice.

Found out about why B threw river rocks into the school's windows. He wanted to get to Hawaii faster and figured that if he acted bad enough, his Daddy would let him go faster. Well, if you have to have a reason . . .

I much prefer patience, especially if the wheels are already turning in that direction. Oh Gawd, I used a cliche. Forgive me.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Did it help any?

Did casting river rocks into the glass windows help any? Anything improve? Worse? Is it really any surprise that it only messed things up just a teeny-weeny bit? Perhaps a little forethought before casting stones just because someone said something that hurt your feelings.

You can’t please everyone. Not all people will love you, or even like you. That is an unfortunate lesson every human being learns at one point of their life.

Some people don’t make it. Some just give up. Don’t give up, B. Don’t give up. Your list of people who really love you and care for you are too numerous to have to worry about the ones who don’t care about you. For what it’s worth, B, you’re number one in my book.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dwane is finally getting some physical therapy, and wouldn't you know it, the guy helping him with his therapy is leaving for the Mainland this Friday to go to school. What rotten luck! Dwane will need to get used to a different therapist.

Once he gets used to a helper, he gets comfortable. Change on him and it riles him. Can't blame him. I like constancey myself. I work hard for my "comfort zones!" I figure I earned it.

People from the Life Springs ( a new age group) would chide people who enjoy their comfort zones. Hah! Like they don't do the same thing! Twits.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

In The PoolIt's summer and I'm having fun! What are you doing???
My gawd. The Smilies work on this thing! Lifeguard

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer In Hawaii

Summer is in full swing on O`ahu island. The air is warm and the skies are blue, touched with puffy white clouds. You can't ask for better here. With Valerie here, I'm looking forward to a really great summer. Brennen is the only one missing, but he'll be here in August in time to catch some good beach time, then school (Which school, we shall see. We think Washington Middle School, now that's a Hawaiian school for yuh).

Monday, June 27, 2005

After so many years of being just Dwane, myself and Tom, it's refreshing to have Valerie with us now. People at the Sand Bar really like Valerie and though Brennen isn't with us yet, some remember Brennen and ask about him . . . "when is he coming over?"

I got to talk with Brennen, though briefly. Kind of difficult being at work. I called him during my break, but had to leave a voicemail for him.

What a guy! Gonna be disappointed that he won't be with us this Xmas. At least there's Thanksgiving.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Well, with Dwane home from the hospital and Valerie finally here, it's a relief off my shoulders. Valerie is eager to help in caring for Dwane, and why not? She adores the man. Daddy's girl, and all that.

I showed her the ropes in giving Dwane the Vancomycin drip. She's very familiar with giving shots and things medical, so she made no mistakes. None at all, though she felt she missed something.

Since the 15th, Dwane's been recuping at home. The therapists were not able to come up to the condo because of the fortress we live in. You need a fob to pass over the electric eye to unlock the door, and to use for the elevator. We couldn't figure out how to resolve it until we saw a young surfer going to one of those lock boxes realtor's use to show a place.

"I coulda' had a V-8!" It was like that. Lights on! Well, it's too late to get a lock box, and with Valerie here, she will be with Dwane while I'm at work. She can let the therapists into the building now. WHEW! Now, maybe Dwane can get down and funky and exercise till he walks!!!

I'll be here if you need me, people:


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Touch Down!!! Valerie landed an hour ago and will be joining us for some cocktails, maybe at the neighborhood bar (Sand Bar). She had to leave Casper, the dog, for the quarantine period. She was so bummed. The poor guy whimpered as she left him. Wonder what he was thinking? He was abandoned by his original owners. Gotta suck to be a dog newly arriving in Hawaii.

What a Pleasant Surprise

Got to talk with my sister Cheryl and Ma in Seattle (or in the area of). We must have spoken to one another for over an hour! It really did me good. Haven't heard from them for so long. Wondered if they hated me, or something, but they love me. (Sigh) :-)

Oh! Valerie is on her way here on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Dwane and I can't be any more excited!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


While Dwane recuperates from his hip operation, there's the anticipation of Valerie and Brennen arriving (Valerie first, then Brennen). Yesterday, Valerie and a friend of hers drove her car to San Diego to have it shipped to Hawai`i.

Tomorrow, she will be arriving here in Honolulu! My Gawd! I can't believe how time flew by since her announcement that she and Brennen were going to move here!

Tomorrow will also be busy for Dwane and I. We go back to see Dr. Pien for a follow-up regarding Dwane's staph. Hope the news is good.

Dwane's home rehab exercises have suffered of late. We suddenly discovered (duh) a way to have the rehab therapist come up to the condo. Have a combination lock box, you know, the kind that real estate agents use when showing a piece of property with a key inside to open the house? Well, we could have done that! I can't believe we missed that! Dwane could have been exercising all this time! Maybe next time . . . what am I saying????

Friday, June 17, 2005

Playing Nurse

I never knew taking care of a patient could be sooooo strenuous! Dwane really needs lots of attention and I feel stretched to the limit. Still, I know if I was in his place, I'd appreciate the help and Dwane's said so in so many words.

In fact, he hates being a patient. Shit, I hate him being a patient!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

He's Back, But . . .

he's not quite doing cartwheels . . . yet.

On June 15th, Tom met us at the rehab hospital after we finally got the wheelchair problem solved and the walker. The prescriptions for the medications was touch and go, but we finally got that straightened out.

Joanne, the RN, escorted us to the front of the hospital where we waited for Tom to come and pick us up.

After picking up Dwane's prescriptions at Straub, we went home where I set up Dwane in bed so he could relax. He seldom got a full eight hours sleep at Straub and at Rehab Hospital of the Pacific. Nurses and aides kept disturbing him to take either blood, give him pills, or serve him a meal. Poor guy.

Later that afternoon, Sandy, from Hawaii Home Care, came over and took care of the paperwork while we administered his IV drip of antibiotics for his staph infection. It should clear up by July 9th (we hope), then we won't have to worry about the IV anymore, and, perhaps, the Bactrim tablets.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Beeg Day!

June 15th is the day Dwane is scheduled to leave the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. Barring any mishaps, of course. Dwane is antsy to get out of there, though the staff gave him all the attention he needed. Of course, friends coming to visit him are an even better therapy for Dwane.

I promised him I'd drop by at 2pm yesterday and didn't show up until about 2:45pm. He looked ragged out and worried. I could go through all the details, but it would only wear me out (hahaha) again. He's eager to get out!

A spin down the hall to the first floor courtyard and some good conversation did him a lot of good. It sure beat the heck out of sitting in the room. Hawaii days are the best medicine.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Visiting Dwane

Each day has been spent visiting Dwane. Who know that doing so would be exhausting. Now that I'm back at work and pulling full shifts, going to the rehab hospital takes what energy is left from me. I can't wait for him to return home. I think it's the bus ride over to the hospital (I'm pulling at straws here) that saps me. It's not physical exhaustion. Just mental. I am worrying needlessly, I'm sure. Dwane is a tough old fart.

Dwane said that the doctors and staff told him he'll be leaving the rehabilitation hospital next week Wednesday. WOOHOO!!! I'll be taking over administering his medication for the staph infection, which is really diminished. The treatment has to go on for another four weeks, though, just to make sure it's entirely massacred! Yeah, get 'em good!

Taking training sessions here and there help. The nurses are really good about showing me how to take care of his PICC line. SASH (saline, antibiotic, saline and heperine). Donna, RN, told me about that one the other night.

More of the same tonight.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This isn't beer . . . is it?

Bartender? I think I'll switch to a Sam Adams. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This was taken a little earlier, when his staph infection was getting out of hand . . . it seemed to coalesce on his head. The physicians were a bit stunned, but they managed to take care of it.

Eat up, Dwane, before I tackle that plate of delicious hospital food for you.

It was a pleasant surprise seeing Scott. It was his second visit AND he finally got to see Tom who was there visitng Dwane. Dwane looks forward to the visits. He gets extremely bored lying there on the bed. I have to say, thought, he's getting more and more feisty. The therapists are doing a bang up job getting him to walk and maneuver about. Before you know it, he may just walk out of that hospital room. There's still the question of a rehab facility, though.


Visiting Dwane today was a long visit, but I don't mind. It was good to see him doing better than yesterday. Even his left thigh was not at inflammed as yesterday, still warm to the touch, but not burning. The anti-biotics must be doing him some good, hmmm?

He's a lot more feisty. THAT is a good sign. hahaha.