Friday, April 17, 2009

Civil Unions failed again. Promises of upholding our state's constitution have been compromised again and all because of a bunch of noisey, religious people who find our lives to be wrong. I know most of those people and they aren't all that holy. I hear them in the streets every day. Nasty.

Sad times for those who genuinely wish to have a recognized relationship in Hawaii. I wonder if the Christians would appreciate the Shinto, Buddhist, or Muslim shoving their religious dogma (a.k.a. crap) down their throats using government backing?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So, the political race for president is over. The Republicans are back at their old tricks of trying to make the Democrats look bad, the Dems are trying to look good, but are failing (not a new trick for any party in America).

Prez Obama has a lot on his plate, just like Bush Jr. did when he came to office. Bush Jr. had it made. The country wasn't doing too bad, though it was a downward spiral. He just made it worse after some poor decisions and with a mountain of bad advice. Obama may just end up in that same circumstance. Poor guy. I hope he doesn't.

Let us see what this play will bring. Up to now, the economy sux, not Obama's fault. The man just got in. Religionists are still pounding their temporal muscles and are failing for they are supposed to be harvesting souls for the Kingdom, and they are aleinating them instead. I'll be interested in the Messiah's words on this particular hot spot of His.