Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer In Hawaii

Summer is in full swing on O`ahu island. The air is warm and the skies are blue, touched with puffy white clouds. You can't ask for better here. With Valerie here, I'm looking forward to a really great summer. Brennen is the only one missing, but he'll be here in August in time to catch some good beach time, then school (Which school, we shall see. We think Washington Middle School, now that's a Hawaiian school for yuh).

Monday, June 27, 2005

After so many years of being just Dwane, myself and Tom, it's refreshing to have Valerie with us now. People at the Sand Bar really like Valerie and though Brennen isn't with us yet, some remember Brennen and ask about him . . . "when is he coming over?"

I got to talk with Brennen, though briefly. Kind of difficult being at work. I called him during my break, but had to leave a voicemail for him.

What a guy! Gonna be disappointed that he won't be with us this Xmas. At least there's Thanksgiving.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Well, with Dwane home from the hospital and Valerie finally here, it's a relief off my shoulders. Valerie is eager to help in caring for Dwane, and why not? She adores the man. Daddy's girl, and all that.

I showed her the ropes in giving Dwane the Vancomycin drip. She's very familiar with giving shots and things medical, so she made no mistakes. None at all, though she felt she missed something.

Since the 15th, Dwane's been recuping at home. The therapists were not able to come up to the condo because of the fortress we live in. You need a fob to pass over the electric eye to unlock the door, and to use for the elevator. We couldn't figure out how to resolve it until we saw a young surfer going to one of those lock boxes realtor's use to show a place.

"I coulda' had a V-8!" It was like that. Lights on! Well, it's too late to get a lock box, and with Valerie here, she will be with Dwane while I'm at work. She can let the therapists into the building now. WHEW! Now, maybe Dwane can get down and funky and exercise till he walks!!!

I'll be here if you need me, people:

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Touch Down!!! Valerie landed an hour ago and will be joining us for some cocktails, maybe at the neighborhood bar (Sand Bar). She had to leave Casper, the dog, for the quarantine period. She was so bummed. The poor guy whimpered as she left him. Wonder what he was thinking? He was abandoned by his original owners. Gotta suck to be a dog newly arriving in Hawaii.

What a Pleasant Surprise

Got to talk with my sister Cheryl and Ma in Seattle (or in the area of). We must have spoken to one another for over an hour! It really did me good. Haven't heard from them for so long. Wondered if they hated me, or something, but they love me. (Sigh) :-)

Oh! Valerie is on her way here on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Dwane and I can't be any more excited!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


While Dwane recuperates from his hip operation, there's the anticipation of Valerie and Brennen arriving (Valerie first, then Brennen). Yesterday, Valerie and a friend of hers drove her car to San Diego to have it shipped to Hawai`i.

Tomorrow, she will be arriving here in Honolulu! My Gawd! I can't believe how time flew by since her announcement that she and Brennen were going to move here!

Tomorrow will also be busy for Dwane and I. We go back to see Dr. Pien for a follow-up regarding Dwane's staph. Hope the news is good.

Dwane's home rehab exercises have suffered of late. We suddenly discovered (duh) a way to have the rehab therapist come up to the condo. Have a combination lock box, you know, the kind that real estate agents use when showing a piece of property with a key inside to open the house? Well, we could have done that! I can't believe we missed that! Dwane could have been exercising all this time! Maybe next time . . . what am I saying????

Friday, June 17, 2005

Playing Nurse

I never knew taking care of a patient could be sooooo strenuous! Dwane really needs lots of attention and I feel stretched to the limit. Still, I know if I was in his place, I'd appreciate the help and Dwane's said so in so many words.

In fact, he hates being a patient. Shit, I hate him being a patient!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

He's Back, But . . .

he's not quite doing cartwheels . . . yet.

On June 15th, Tom met us at the rehab hospital after we finally got the wheelchair problem solved and the walker. The prescriptions for the medications was touch and go, but we finally got that straightened out.

Joanne, the RN, escorted us to the front of the hospital where we waited for Tom to come and pick us up.

After picking up Dwane's prescriptions at Straub, we went home where I set up Dwane in bed so he could relax. He seldom got a full eight hours sleep at Straub and at Rehab Hospital of the Pacific. Nurses and aides kept disturbing him to take either blood, give him pills, or serve him a meal. Poor guy.

Later that afternoon, Sandy, from Hawaii Home Care, came over and took care of the paperwork while we administered his IV drip of antibiotics for his staph infection. It should clear up by July 9th (we hope), then we won't have to worry about the IV anymore, and, perhaps, the Bactrim tablets.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Beeg Day!

June 15th is the day Dwane is scheduled to leave the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. Barring any mishaps, of course. Dwane is antsy to get out of there, though the staff gave him all the attention he needed. Of course, friends coming to visit him are an even better therapy for Dwane.

I promised him I'd drop by at 2pm yesterday and didn't show up until about 2:45pm. He looked ragged out and worried. I could go through all the details, but it would only wear me out (hahaha) again. He's eager to get out!

A spin down the hall to the first floor courtyard and some good conversation did him a lot of good. It sure beat the heck out of sitting in the room. Hawaii days are the best medicine.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Visiting Dwane

Each day has been spent visiting Dwane. Who know that doing so would be exhausting. Now that I'm back at work and pulling full shifts, going to the rehab hospital takes what energy is left from me. I can't wait for him to return home. I think it's the bus ride over to the hospital (I'm pulling at straws here) that saps me. It's not physical exhaustion. Just mental. I am worrying needlessly, I'm sure. Dwane is a tough old fart.

Dwane said that the doctors and staff told him he'll be leaving the rehabilitation hospital next week Wednesday. WOOHOO!!! I'll be taking over administering his medication for the staph infection, which is really diminished. The treatment has to go on for another four weeks, though, just to make sure it's entirely massacred! Yeah, get 'em good!

Taking training sessions here and there help. The nurses are really good about showing me how to take care of his PICC line. SASH (saline, antibiotic, saline and heperine). Donna, RN, told me about that one the other night.

More of the same tonight.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This isn't beer . . . is it?

Bartender? I think I'll switch to a Sam Adams. Thank you very much.