Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Day In Paradise

Looks like I'll be frolicking in the Pacific more as time goes on with Brennen becoming more and more a part of our lives.

The waters off the Moana Sheraton is warm, like bath water. Very comfortable and tends to make me groggy after playing in it for a couple of hours. We swam for what seemed like a moment when we saw Dwane signalling for us to return to shore. Hated to come out, but dinner was awaiting and I need my food, fat guy or not.

Swimming till just after sunset is so relaxing, there is nothing that can compare. Though surrounded by other bathers catching a wave to body surf, Brennen and I had the time of our lives. He's opened up to me a lot and we talked about things that I thought he'd never confide to me. Dare I mention his thoughts on line? Nah, too soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Lei Is Forever

. . . if you take care of it.  I opted to find Brennen and Valerie a lei that would last more than just a few days, getting them Hawaii seed leis, complete with Kuikui nuts and seeds of all kinds.  Rather attractive, if I do say so myself.  The price was right, though it set me back a couple of twenties . . . okay, just $6 a lei.  Still, they look pretty good.  Brennen sure liked it.

Thank goodness the ancient custom of lei giving is still around in Hawaii.  Most people think they are used only for greetings, birthdays, or for being a good employee.  For me, giving a lei is a grand gesture.  Flowers are nice, but giving leis that last are most important to me.  Whenever someone sees a lei I’ve given them, they’ll remember me and why I gave it to them.  Making a lei is even more special.

My cousin, Paul Auditor, Jr. (better known as Junior to the Ohana) has a talent of making feather leis like the old Alii used to wear.  They are comparable to the ancient feather leis and are extremely beautiful.  I wonder if he still makes them?  I know they involved a lot of work and concentration.  I still marvel at how easy he seemed to make it, yet I know it wasn’t.

Monday, July 18, 2005

July 17, 2005 B is Here!

Brennen finally made a touchdown last night in Honolulu, his new home. His flight was almost an hour late in taking off, but made good time when he arrived. Poor kid was exhausted. I’ll be seeing him tonight with Valerie. Keith will be dropping by the condo to wish him an aloha.

Ohhhh! I need to buy some leis. Can’t be official without one!

Friday, July 15, 2005

B Is Coming!

It was spontaneous news, when I got home last night. Dwane and I talked about our days and then he laid it on me. B is arriving this coming Sunday. My jaw dropped!

After all the hoohah, his father decided to release him to come over to the island. It's about tahm! Dang.

Hope he doesn't feel we are mad at him for what he did. No excuse for what he did, but I can't blame him. Though I'm 54 going on 55, I remember what 12 years old was like.

T'wasn't purty.

Growing up with limbs going in every which direction.

Finding that people just aren't interested in what a 12 year old has to say, yet feeling like you've got a lot to say.

Wanting your own space and getting people in your face.

Wants and needs, needs and wants and not knowing how you're going to handle it all.

Wondering if both your nuts will come out their sockets so that you'll feel in balance . . .

Mmm, mmm. Sucks being a kid/boy/man.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What a world. Had some great news. Don't have to pay for a notary public at work. Now I can get some much needed papers taken care of, like getting Valerie's Proof of Residency and wills and stuff like that. NPs cost about $15 to $20 a crack. Nice.

Found out about why B threw river rocks into the school's windows. He wanted to get to Hawaii faster and figured that if he acted bad enough, his Daddy would let him go faster. Well, if you have to have a reason . . .

I much prefer patience, especially if the wheels are already turning in that direction. Oh Gawd, I used a cliche. Forgive me.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Did it help any?

Did casting river rocks into the glass windows help any? Anything improve? Worse? Is it really any surprise that it only messed things up just a teeny-weeny bit? Perhaps a little forethought before casting stones just because someone said something that hurt your feelings.

You can’t please everyone. Not all people will love you, or even like you. That is an unfortunate lesson every human being learns at one point of their life.

Some people don’t make it. Some just give up. Don’t give up, B. Don’t give up. Your list of people who really love you and care for you are too numerous to have to worry about the ones who don’t care about you. For what it’s worth, B, you’re number one in my book.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dwane is finally getting some physical therapy, and wouldn't you know it, the guy helping him with his therapy is leaving for the Mainland this Friday to go to school. What rotten luck! Dwane will need to get used to a different therapist.

Once he gets used to a helper, he gets comfortable. Change on him and it riles him. Can't blame him. I like constancey myself. I work hard for my "comfort zones!" I figure I earned it.

People from the Life Springs ( a new age group) would chide people who enjoy their comfort zones. Hah! Like they don't do the same thing! Twits.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

In The PoolIt's summer and I'm having fun! What are you doing???
My gawd. The Smilies work on this thing! Lifeguard