Sunday, September 25, 2005

Corilee and Kory

I get excited for my nieces and nephews, though they seldom, if ever, know it. But when they
marry, or have children, it touches me . . . no . . . really! Sounds mushy, yeah?

When Corilee married Kory, whom I had the pleasure of meeting only once, I was bound and determined to attend their union. This is Corilee's second bond and Kory's first, I think. I attended Corilee's first marriage ceremony (in my back yard).

This second one, to Kory, I believe is the one! The way they play, the way they look into each other's eyes, the way they just sit on a couch, you can tell they really have something special. I pray they never forget this. Corilee's a lot more mature as is Kory and they thought long and hard on this decision of theirs.

I met Kory's family at the wedding/reception at Paradise Cove. What a loving family! Kory has good familial roots with a long history on the island, and from what I've witnessed of Kory's family, they LIVE life, and not just give it lip service.

Much aloha, you two. You deserve the best!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking Forward To A Weekend

After a long week like this week, it's nice to know I'll be going home to Waikiki where Dwane, Valerie and Mr. Brennen will be there. By next month, we'll have an additional member to our family. Kasper, the friendly dog.

I'll be meeting Brennen after school to walk him home soon and I do look forward to meeting him everyday. We have a lot of chats as we walk across the Ala Wai bridge, then the McCully bridge. We enjoy the trip along the canal. You never know who you might bump into, or what you might find floating in the canal . . . rubbish? A shopping cart? Maybe a discarded washing machine. Where do these people come from who like dumping in such a beautiful canal that has a lot of potential for being a scenic spot?

B will be spending the weekend with us tonight. I wonder what wonders he has in store for us?

Valerie is getting over the "pink eye" she contracted earlier in the week. It's like mascara gone bad. Not the right shade, if you get my drift.

Dwane's doing much better these days since the hip thing. He's getting around a lot now with the use of his walker. Soon, he'll graduate to a cane (with training wheels of course). We can get rid of the wheelchair soon, I would imagine. Still no cartwheels forcasted on the horizon, but that he can actually answer nature's call is a marvel of improvement.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricanes Galore

Not only Louisiana, not Florida and Texas has their share of hurricanes. We've had our share too, though not so disasterous as the Gulf States. Those poor people. My heart broke when I listened and watched the news about New Orleans.

We had four heading our way. Sure opened a lot of people's eyes, in light of Katrina and Rita, when Hawaii faced a possible disaster with J, K, L and M. Why spell out their names?

We did a quick assessment of our supplies and felt secure enough not to panic. Being on the eighth floor helps ease the mind. We've been through enough of these things to know enough to keep supplies handy for any unforseen emergency. Still . . . you never can tell, really. Always a possibility of missing "something".

With the hurricanes diminishing into tropical storms, and going towards the open seas, we can sleep nights.

Monday, September 12, 2005

September 05 Vacation

Without a doubt, this vacation was rather low key. We didn't do the usual activities, like going to museums, or sunbathing on beaches of Waikiki in hopes of achieving the proverbial tanline, or dining out at ritsy restaurants.

Instead, we lunched here and there. Dwane chose some spots, one called Niko's comes to mind. Instead of it being a "sit-down" restaurant, like we had thought, we bellied up to a counter and made our order. Simply put, it was just a take out joint. The burgers were sumptuous!!! The fries were okay. The clientele left one to wonder if there was a nut house nearby though. Yikes! Poor Patrick. He was the most disappointed. Us guys need to really take him out for a good dinner. He deserves it.

The best times were, of course, spent at the Moana Sheraton where we sat at our favorite table edged on the seashore where we could see the sunsets. THAT is living! I had iced teas most of the time (free refills and lots of Splenda) and the company. We got to meet Brian and Julie at the Moana and thoroughly enjoyed their company. They are really good people. I look forward to seeing them, whether at the Sand Bar, or at the Moana.

Brian went surfing with Julie's brother . . . I forget his name . . . and Valerie and Brennen were there too, enjoying the water. Really a family outing. Miss those outings. Never enough of them.

Hopefully, Debbie will come up with some pictures of Corilee's and Kory's wedding pictures. That was some breathtaking wedding. Corilee is so grown up and looks so beautiful. She truly made a stunning bride. Kory was dashing in his tux. You could see the love in their eyes (Gawd, I'm getting weepy) as they gave each other their vows.