Monday, December 19, 2005

Waikiki And Christmas Time

No, there's not a lot of snow in Waikiki, but we make up the difference with our own version of the holiday. Since late October, the retailers on Kalakaua Blvd started putting up their decorations. The Galleria started first, I think, with their fake trees and multicoloured lights.

I was impressed, but it was really too early.

Thanksgiving came and went and then it really kicked in with the baubles and lights hanging all over the place. The Moana Sheraton really looks good these days. They erected their beautiful trees (real ones!) and flocked them from top to bottom, lacing the branches with crystal balls and white lights. In the lobby, a mini snow scene (looks like Colorado, or something) with a train going from hamlet to hamlet and beyond the display, the Pacific ocean with partially nude swimmers basking in the sun.

Yup, it's good to be here . . . and own a place here too. Gawd, I love our town.

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