Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cabinets and Court Drama

With my buddy and his mother dealing with the donor on who should be the real parent, Dwane and I have a major project going with kitchen cabinets. Funny how in spite of life's big dramas, you still have to deal with small things, like when are the contractors coming? Do I have time to clean out the old cabinets before they are torn apart?

What will Tom say??? Does he know about this? Will he care? I hope he likes it! I'm so excited! New cabinets! Yipeeee! God. I need a sound proof room so I can let off steam by belching out a primordial scream.

The cabinets came today. Curb side delivery. My God. Heavy stuff. My back will never be the same.

Utz, the contractor, came by to measure the kitchen. Short guy, really nice and speaks with a slight German accent. Dwane actually couldn't get a word in. Stunning!

Oh, did I mention this is an anniversary date? I left the island 39 years ago today.

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