Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Long Hot Summer

When Utz and his bunch finished the kitchen and bathroom work, they started on the living room, adding the entertainment cabinet, then in the bedroom, working on the closet modules and more wall cabinets.

Looks like a good job to me, the Murphy bed, however, is proving a lengthy, drawn out task, not just for us, but for Utz. I'm surprised he's not buried a few suppliers along the way. If he did, I don't wanna know. Never tick off a German contractor. You could lose your life! I speak this because I really like Utz. A real character, this man.

After numerous false starts and many lies by the bed people (I forget the name of the store) we are now given the song and dance that we won't get our cabinet doors for the murphy bed cabinet until 9/15/06. Let's see, we begun all this back in May? Shoot me.

I doesn't help when you're enjoying a sinus infection either with sawdust everywhere and there's a pile of used kleenex on the floor next to your mattress that is sitting on the floor. Pretty picture that.

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