Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Waikiki Sand Bar

was finally rebuilt in a different part of the lobby, farther toward the pool.

Athena was desparate for a kahu to bless the bar, she had it was christened by a Christian priest of the Nazarene sect. Interesting the Nazarenes. They were so pentecostal once, now they act like they are Methodists, or Presbyterians. They aren't the Nazarenes of the 1st Century Jewish sect, just goyim.

Mom is Nazarene, so was Gramps, her daddy. If Gramps were alive today, he'd shake his head in disgust because they were into "forms" of religion and did all for show and not from the heart. Is it any wonder I returned to the Hebrew practice?

It's all clanging cymbals to me.

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