Monday, May 28, 2012


I go into a blur and find myself stepping onto a scale and what do I find?  I'm weighing in at 353 lbs.

Good Lord!  What happened???  I don't eat all that much!  I watch what I eat and still, I gain weight!  Not good.  The city could use me to flatten fresh asphalt during road repairs!

Should I go on a diet?  Hahahaha.  I'm not mente insana!

At my age, gaining this much weight is like adding more stones on the back of a slave building a pyramid.  It's certainly not good for my all around good health.  What to do.  Diets don't really work.  Pills are a waste of good money.  I don't look forward to trying Atkins again.  There's got to be something else that I can do.

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