Monday, August 25, 2014

A long time since writing on this blog.  No one reads it, of course.  I've found it a futile vent to place my thoughts.

In two years, I've had little need to vent, or write my self-important thoughts. Work.  That has been my stage of performance.  Oh, for a different venue. I need help with my imagination.

Summer is about to end.  In just a few days, it will be September and summer will be gone.  It makes me feel sad, really.  It was a good summer.  I had my cousins grandkids stay with me for a month for summer school and it was nice having youngsters around.  Travis, the eldest of the two, is nearly out of high school.  The younger one, Josh, is 14 years old.  Both are such characters.

They're gone now.  Back on the Big Island.

Labor Day knocks at the door, then comes the pagan holidays, beginning with Samhain.

Thanksgiving comes soon.  Shall I take the next day, after the holiday, off?  I'd just as soon go in to work. Especially with the condo being so empty.

Saturnalia then comes.  Oh my.  Yes, my thinking has changed lately, focusing on my faith, for what it is.  None of the holidays seem all that important anymore.  There is no sparkle.  None of the stories, often repeated, will convince me they are of any worth.

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