Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hippy Dwane

Well, Dwane is doing a lot better now, recuperating at Straub Hospital. Boy, what a horrendous couple of days.

He got the hip replaced and probably has a bunch of bolts in his leg too. When Tom and I visited him, we got him some cheery stuff. I got the roses and Tom got Dwane some plastic jewelry, a toy cell phone with a carrying case complete with plastic beads. Well, you had to be there.

Athena dropped by too, a pleasant surprise for all. She brought a picture of the Sand Bar crew, framed and with a cut-out of Keith added to the photo.

We stayed until 8pm when visiting hours officially ended. Had we stayed over, I doubt the staff would have been upset. Dwane is such a model patient.

Still tender after the operation, but he's doing great. Get well soon, buddy!

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