Monday, May 23, 2005

May 23rd 2005

What a day this has been. Dwane shattered his hip this morning about 12am, maybe a little later when he returned from the Sand Bar. Tom had walked him home safely, but when Dwane came to bed, he fell and injured himself. Yikes!

After a minimal of convincing, I managed to get a couple of paramedics to come by and haul him to the ER at Straub Hospital. The staff were super! It took six hours, however, to get him a room, but during the waiting time, they made him as comfortable as possible until he got a private room. All rooms at Straub are private.

It's been hours and hours staying up and attentive with him before they took him to the OR for a hip replacement (just the left part). He looked a bit anxious about going to the OR, but I have complete faith in Straub. Dwane's a tough cookie. He'll fly through this.

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