Monday, October 03, 2005


I haven't had a chance to write very much these days with doing so much overtime at work. It's not killing me, but it puts a crimp in my lifestyle . . . what lifestyle?

I worked this Saturday, a rarity for me, and put in only three hours. It cuts into one's day. Oh, I know, I could put in more time, and there are many people who chalk in a lot of OT, but for me, I cherish my times off! I'm spoiled that way.

I've procrastinated so much on projects on my plate. I'm so behind. I promised my cousin to do a family logo for a reunion and I'm only in the sketching stage. She'll be sorely disappointed, I know and I feel bad about that. My artistic skills haven't been used in many years. I hope I can still draw a perfect circle. So far, it's just obliques and ovals. Ych.

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