Sunday, September 25, 2005

Corilee and Kory

I get excited for my nieces and nephews, though they seldom, if ever, know it. But when they
marry, or have children, it touches me . . . no . . . really! Sounds mushy, yeah?

When Corilee married Kory, whom I had the pleasure of meeting only once, I was bound and determined to attend their union. This is Corilee's second bond and Kory's first, I think. I attended Corilee's first marriage ceremony (in my back yard).

This second one, to Kory, I believe is the one! The way they play, the way they look into each other's eyes, the way they just sit on a couch, you can tell they really have something special. I pray they never forget this. Corilee's a lot more mature as is Kory and they thought long and hard on this decision of theirs.

I met Kory's family at the wedding/reception at Paradise Cove. What a loving family! Kory has good familial roots with a long history on the island, and from what I've witnessed of Kory's family, they LIVE life, and not just give it lip service.

Much aloha, you two. You deserve the best!

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