Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th & Family Visitors

It's not an unlucky day, like some people might suggest. When I lived in California, it was in the news, explained in documentaries, newspapers and the topic of conversation by both believers and non-believers. I, personally, don't understand the "unlucky" aspect of the number 13. I like the number, actually.

It's amusing when you check into a hotel and assigned to the fourteenth floor. In the back of your mind, you know it's the thirteenth floor. Does it mean you're really safe? Would you still be placed in a very compromising situation? Why, it boggles the mind! What's Homeland Security doing about this???

Dwane and I are going to meet my cousin, Joyce and her friend at the Moana Sheraton for some drinks. Should be a lot of fun. The last time I saw her, it was in the last century! Funny, we don't even know what the other looks like. We could have sent pics to each other, but we didn't. A last minute email to her address with my picture attached was sent today. I doubt she has any means of retrieving it in time. They're going to shop before meeting us at the Banyan Bar, get a couple of tattoos . . . you know, girl stuff.

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