Monday, January 23, 2006

Island Political Scene

Okay, I'm veering from the norm, as far as this blog is concerned, but I feel I must. I don't expect much readership of this blog anyway. I'd be surprised if anyone actually made a pertinent comment regarding this post.

Our islands are governed by well intentioned individuals. As to their being qualified when making law changes, I wonder however. What would qualify a person to be a member of the state houses, i.e. state senators and state representatives? I wish I knew. I'm sure there are prerequisites to be met in order to obtain an office at our state capitol. I still tend to doubt it, though. Some of the people we have in the state houses are real losers. Statesmen? Do they know what the word means? We have none. It reflects at the Federal level as well. I mean, look at all the in-fighting!

Hawai`i is in a bad way and I see no end to it. There are no viable candidates out here. We don't need carpetbaggers. Okay, ramble over.

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Anonymous said...

linda has caused people like galen fox to become prominent in the GOP. Last year her hero was another sexual predator on Maui. Add in the religious right like stonebraker, moss, and it ONLY appears our politicians are as BAD as bush and the other fundies. Actually, our Democrats aren't too bad!