Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Sister Mine

Jeez, are you 50 already??? Can't be. I still remember you in your little flouncey skirt, with your new shoes skipping down the sidewalk and your curly hear bouncing as you come to a screeching halt to witness the slug zooming along the sidewalk in old Aliamanu.

I still remember you skating on your plastic skates that Christmas day back in . . . 1962? . . . over at the Kaukani's and Carpio's carport going round and round and round until you wanted to kick them off because the skates were ungainly and made you look like you were about to fall over onto your face. You envied me my metal skates that day and broke down in a squalling fit. It sucked to be you. I felt for you that day.

Now you're a granny. My gawd . . . wanna skate?

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