Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kona Anticipation

Tom, Dwane and I will be heading out to Kona to enjoy the ocean breezes (different from O`ahu, somehow) and drive around the island to hopefully stop off at The Paniolo Cafe at Parker Ranch, a nice little place with a great breakfast on May 6th, the day after Cinco De Mayo.

Dwane and I went there some years ago with another friend, Mel, and sample their rustic cuisine. Ho man! I loved it. Really hated the fact that we didn't make it back sooner.

Tom is really looking forward to it as well.

We owe this trip to April and Paul for letting us borrow their condo in Kona. Otherwise, Paniolo Cafe would have to wait even more! Hopefully, there will be pictures on the way.

I had to rearrange for an extra day off from work to deal with some important things on the island. Sorry, I can't say what.

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