Monday, April 18, 2005

Lasagna Nite

I'm still recovering from the lasagna fest. Carbed out like crazy, but no regrets here. Tom out did himself on the lasagna, not to mention the fantastic New York cheesecake he made (with strawberrys yet).

Steve and Derota's place is on the mauka side of the Ala Wai in a quiet part of the neighborhood, a humble abode with Japanese panels to separate the living room from the bedroom. I liked their place a lot. Very simple and clean and perfect for housekeeping.

Bob Chin, their dog, yipped me a greeting the moment I came into the apartment. He made no other sounds after that. A very quiet dog, and very affectionate too. The perfect lap dog. If I could afford one and had the time a pet is due, I'd get a Japanese chin too. What an animal!

To get the evening started, we went into making our famed Vuccas, shaking the container full of limes and lemons, sugar and a fifth of Vodka for nearly a half hour. The first batch was fabulously sweet and gave us a mild buzz (just like I like it). I don't care to get blitheringly drunk, so the drink was just fine. After the pre-dinner cocktail, we attacked the lasagna in a frenzy. I'm glad Derota (gosh I hope I'm spelling her name right) and Steve enjoyed it.

After that we tackled the cheesecake and I nearly passed out. Ugh. I loved it. My pants are now, officially, a tourniquette and my hips on down turn blue for lack of blood.

We went to the Sand Bar after that and enjoyed a long evening (closing down the bar, though I don't recall much of it).

A perfect Saturday festivity.

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