Thursday, June 09, 2005

Visiting Dwane

Each day has been spent visiting Dwane. Who know that doing so would be exhausting. Now that I'm back at work and pulling full shifts, going to the rehab hospital takes what energy is left from me. I can't wait for him to return home. I think it's the bus ride over to the hospital (I'm pulling at straws here) that saps me. It's not physical exhaustion. Just mental. I am worrying needlessly, I'm sure. Dwane is a tough old fart.

Dwane said that the doctors and staff told him he'll be leaving the rehabilitation hospital next week Wednesday. WOOHOO!!! I'll be taking over administering his medication for the staph infection, which is really diminished. The treatment has to go on for another four weeks, though, just to make sure it's entirely massacred! Yeah, get 'em good!

Taking training sessions here and there help. The nurses are really good about showing me how to take care of his PICC line. SASH (saline, antibiotic, saline and heperine). Donna, RN, told me about that one the other night.

More of the same tonight.

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