Saturday, June 25, 2005

Well, with Dwane home from the hospital and Valerie finally here, it's a relief off my shoulders. Valerie is eager to help in caring for Dwane, and why not? She adores the man. Daddy's girl, and all that.

I showed her the ropes in giving Dwane the Vancomycin drip. She's very familiar with giving shots and things medical, so she made no mistakes. None at all, though she felt she missed something.

Since the 15th, Dwane's been recuping at home. The therapists were not able to come up to the condo because of the fortress we live in. You need a fob to pass over the electric eye to unlock the door, and to use for the elevator. We couldn't figure out how to resolve it until we saw a young surfer going to one of those lock boxes realtor's use to show a place.

"I coulda' had a V-8!" It was like that. Lights on! Well, it's too late to get a lock box, and with Valerie here, she will be with Dwane while I'm at work. She can let the therapists into the building now. WHEW! Now, maybe Dwane can get down and funky and exercise till he walks!!!

I'll be here if you need me, people:

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