Friday, July 15, 2005

B Is Coming!

It was spontaneous news, when I got home last night. Dwane and I talked about our days and then he laid it on me. B is arriving this coming Sunday. My jaw dropped!

After all the hoohah, his father decided to release him to come over to the island. It's about tahm! Dang.

Hope he doesn't feel we are mad at him for what he did. No excuse for what he did, but I can't blame him. Though I'm 54 going on 55, I remember what 12 years old was like.

T'wasn't purty.

Growing up with limbs going in every which direction.

Finding that people just aren't interested in what a 12 year old has to say, yet feeling like you've got a lot to say.

Wanting your own space and getting people in your face.

Wants and needs, needs and wants and not knowing how you're going to handle it all.

Wondering if both your nuts will come out their sockets so that you'll feel in balance . . .

Mmm, mmm. Sucks being a kid/boy/man.


Brennen said...

What does the word tahm mean?And why did you wonder what it would feel like to have both your nuts come off?

Brenn'n said...

It also(being a 12 yr. old) fells like your stuck no matter what you do, sometimes I feel like like being blown of the face of the Earth, or running away and never comin' back.