Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Lei Is Forever

. . . if you take care of it.  I opted to find Brennen and Valerie a lei that would last more than just a few days, getting them Hawaii seed leis, complete with Kuikui nuts and seeds of all kinds.  Rather attractive, if I do say so myself.  The price was right, though it set me back a couple of twenties . . . okay, just $6 a lei.  Still, they look pretty good.  Brennen sure liked it.

Thank goodness the ancient custom of lei giving is still around in Hawaii.  Most people think they are used only for greetings, birthdays, or for being a good employee.  For me, giving a lei is a grand gesture.  Flowers are nice, but giving leis that last are most important to me.  Whenever someone sees a lei I’ve given them, they’ll remember me and why I gave it to them.  Making a lei is even more special.

My cousin, Paul Auditor, Jr. (better known as Junior to the Ohana) has a talent of making feather leis like the old Alii used to wear.  They are comparable to the ancient feather leis and are extremely beautiful.  I wonder if he still makes them?  I know they involved a lot of work and concentration.  I still marvel at how easy he seemed to make it, yet I know it wasn’t.

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