Monday, July 11, 2005

Did it help any?

Did casting river rocks into the glass windows help any? Anything improve? Worse? Is it really any surprise that it only messed things up just a teeny-weeny bit? Perhaps a little forethought before casting stones just because someone said something that hurt your feelings.

You can’t please everyone. Not all people will love you, or even like you. That is an unfortunate lesson every human being learns at one point of their life.

Some people don’t make it. Some just give up. Don’t give up, B. Don’t give up. Your list of people who really love you and care for you are too numerous to have to worry about the ones who don’t care about you. For what it’s worth, B, you’re number one in my book.

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Brennen said...

It was really hurtful when I heard dad say he didn't love me.I never loved him, It just hurt having those words said to me.I don't like it when he plays favoriyes with me en my bro.I feel bad for Chase(my half bro).