Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving In Waikiki 2005

Oy . . . I enjoyed stuffing the bird, but now it's payback time. All the flavors and aromas have taken their toll on my gut. Another slice of pumpkin pie? Another scoop of dressing? Oy . . . dare I nibble on that remnant of cranberry?

Clouds cleared for today, the previous days' of rain a memory and with that in mind, I was a whirlwind as I prepared the condo for the getogether today. Kasper was a big help, chasing the Hoover as I cleaned the wet vacced the floor, both lanai and inside. I didn't want anyone to have dirty feet from my tile floors. The dirt sux in Waikiki. One day of cleaning and you have to do it all over again a day later.

Potatoes were peeled and cooked, the turkey was packed with Tom's marvelous rice and Italian sausage mixture, draped in bacon and coated with butter. Damn the cholesterol! I wanted my triglycerides! Yeah baby! The bird went in at 11:30am.

By 2:00pm, Dwane and I waited for the family to arrive. Valerie, Doris and Brenne arrived first, bringing two pumpkin pies and a still hot dish of bread stuffing. Valerie had me try a taste. If my stomach had arms, it would have reached out for more! Very good.

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