Monday, September 12, 2005

September 05 Vacation

Without a doubt, this vacation was rather low key. We didn't do the usual activities, like going to museums, or sunbathing on beaches of Waikiki in hopes of achieving the proverbial tanline, or dining out at ritsy restaurants.

Instead, we lunched here and there. Dwane chose some spots, one called Niko's comes to mind. Instead of it being a "sit-down" restaurant, like we had thought, we bellied up to a counter and made our order. Simply put, it was just a take out joint. The burgers were sumptuous!!! The fries were okay. The clientele left one to wonder if there was a nut house nearby though. Yikes! Poor Patrick. He was the most disappointed. Us guys need to really take him out for a good dinner. He deserves it.

The best times were, of course, spent at the Moana Sheraton where we sat at our favorite table edged on the seashore where we could see the sunsets. THAT is living! I had iced teas most of the time (free refills and lots of Splenda) and the company. We got to meet Brian and Julie at the Moana and thoroughly enjoyed their company. They are really good people. I look forward to seeing them, whether at the Sand Bar, or at the Moana.

Brian went surfing with Julie's brother . . . I forget his name . . . and Valerie and Brennen were there too, enjoying the water. Really a family outing. Miss those outings. Never enough of them.

Hopefully, Debbie will come up with some pictures of Corilee's and Kory's wedding pictures. That was some breathtaking wedding. Corilee is so grown up and looks so beautiful. She truly made a stunning bride. Kory was dashing in his tux. You could see the love in their eyes (Gawd, I'm getting weepy) as they gave each other their vows.

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