Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking Forward To A Weekend

After a long week like this week, it's nice to know I'll be going home to Waikiki where Dwane, Valerie and Mr. Brennen will be there. By next month, we'll have an additional member to our family. Kasper, the friendly dog.

I'll be meeting Brennen after school to walk him home soon and I do look forward to meeting him everyday. We have a lot of chats as we walk across the Ala Wai bridge, then the McCully bridge. We enjoy the trip along the canal. You never know who you might bump into, or what you might find floating in the canal . . . rubbish? A shopping cart? Maybe a discarded washing machine. Where do these people come from who like dumping in such a beautiful canal that has a lot of potential for being a scenic spot?

B will be spending the weekend with us tonight. I wonder what wonders he has in store for us?

Valerie is getting over the "pink eye" she contracted earlier in the week. It's like mascara gone bad. Not the right shade, if you get my drift.

Dwane's doing much better these days since the hip thing. He's getting around a lot now with the use of his walker. Soon, he'll graduate to a cane (with training wheels of course). We can get rid of the wheelchair soon, I would imagine. Still no cartwheels forcasted on the horizon, but that he can actually answer nature's call is a marvel of improvement.

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Prince Raven said...

He wwouldn't be able to do a cartwheel anyway. Even if he hadn;t broken his hip.