Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricanes Galore

Not only Louisiana, not Florida and Texas has their share of hurricanes. We've had our share too, though not so disasterous as the Gulf States. Those poor people. My heart broke when I listened and watched the news about New Orleans.

We had four heading our way. Sure opened a lot of people's eyes, in light of Katrina and Rita, when Hawaii faced a possible disaster with J, K, L and M. Why spell out their names?

We did a quick assessment of our supplies and felt secure enough not to panic. Being on the eighth floor helps ease the mind. We've been through enough of these things to know enough to keep supplies handy for any unforseen emergency. Still . . . you never can tell, really. Always a possibility of missing "something".

With the hurricanes diminishing into tropical storms, and going towards the open seas, we can sleep nights.

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